30.01.2011/ ENDOSPINE® DUO System acc. to DESTANDAU

We are pleased to introduce a new member in the ENDOSPINE® product line: the ENDOSPINE®  DUO system. The ENDOSPINE® DUO system will not replace the existing ENDOSPINE®.

However, the smaller skin incision makes it especially suitable for patients to whom good cosmetic results are a top priority. The diameter of the operating tube was reduced by 5.5 mm to 23.5 mm in order to minimize the skin incision. A longer obturator and a new working insert were developed for use with the smaller diameter operating tube. The nerve protector now also features a new fit to ensure even better support. Since the diameters of the working channel (8 mm) and suction channel (4.6 mm) remain unchanged in the new working insert, the new ENDOSPINE® DUO system can be used with all instruments contained in the existing ENDOSPINE® set. Dr. Destandau uses the ENDOSPINE® DUO system only on lumbar spine. He does not recommend to use it on cervical spine as there is less soft tissue to maintain the operating tube in place, and the operating tube is smaller. This combination may lead to instability in the cervical spine. 

Dr. Destandau primarily recommends the ENDOSPINE® DUO system to experienced ENDOSPINE® users.