18.08.2011/ Articulated retractor acc. to ROSENTHAL

The new articulated retractor acc. to ROSENTHAL is designed for the typical indications for open or minimally invasive thoracotomy, such as scoliosis, kyphosis, fractures of vertebral bodies and herniated thoracic discs. It enables the optimal preparation and exposure of deep areas. This new retractor system serves to maintain access in surgeries of the thoracic spine with ventral or dorsal intercostal access. Typically, at least two retractor blades are used in thoracic procedures. However, the setup is customizable, allowing the use of three or more retractor blades. These retractor blades are available in three lengths, 12 cm, 14 cm, and 18 cm, and the individual blades can be angled. To prevent tissue injury, the distal ends of the blades are atraumatically rounded.

Advantages of the spine retractor:
  • Efficient system with easy handling
  • Minimally invasive access, no severing of the muscles of the thoracic wall
  • Suitable for accessing the thoracolumbar and cervicothoracic transition zones
  • Ensures flexibility and optimal access through retractor blades of various lengths and easy fixation to the holding system – an additional assistant is no longer required. The lateral arresting lever enables the flexible angling of the blades without releasing the holding arm.
  • Atraumatically rounded blades prevent tissue damage
  • Lower costs thanks to atraumatic access and reduced staff needs