11.07.2013/ Multi-Purpose Rigid Telescope Set




Special Features:

  • The most versatile endoscope for the small animal practitioner
  • Facilitates a wide variety of minimally invasive techniques in dogs, cats and exotic patients, including the following:
    - Rhinoscopy
    - Arthroscopy
    - Laryngoscopy
    - Otoscopy
    - Vaginoscopy
    - Thoracoscopy
    - Cystoscopy
    - Urethroscopy
    - Laparoscopy
    - Celioscopy
  • Allows for direct visualization of many organs without open surgical intervention
  • Non-invasive approach is less traumatic on patient and owner
  • HOPKINS® II telescope delivers uniformly bright, high-resolution images
  • A common entry point for small animal practitioners interested in minimally invasive techniques
  • Utilizes the same camera processor and light source as KARL STORZ videoendoscopes and fiberscopes