31.07.2010/ Karl Storz ENT Navigation system


Navigation in everyday ENT surgery is actually a simple concept: the exact instrument location must be identified in the surgical field. The two areas of application are paranasal sinus and basal skull surgery. “Keep it simple and smart” was the guiding principle in the development of the KARL STORZ Navigation Panel Unit (NPU). One advantage of the system is the fact that it was not developed on a special platform but is based on the most current hardware and software components available today. This KARL STORZ navigation system designed specifically for ENT surgery is therefore clearly superior to most competitors in terms of userfriendliness and suitability for everyday use. It is particularly cost-effective thanks to a patented process that eliminates expensive consumables.

The system is small enough to be supported on an IV stand and carried to another location in a small case, and since it is modular, it can be easily combined with other modules of the KARL STORZ SURGICAL COCKPIT™.

The KARL STORZ Navigation Panel Unit (NPU) is the only system worldwide to have undergone extensive scientific testing regarding its surgical efficiency. It was shown that the required financial, personnel and time investments are more than compensated by time savings in the OR, fewer complications, improved surgical results and reduced stress for the surgeon.