11.07.2013/ VITOMĀ® 25




Special Features:

  • Ideal system for teaching students and residents as it allows for clear, magnified viewing of the surgery from a comfortable, convenient distance, without disruption of the procedure
  • By viewing the surgery on a monitor, the surgeon can work more comfortably, reducing fatigue and eye strain
  • Magnification of patient anatomy improves surgical precision and accuracy of visual diagnoses
  • Image and video capture are valuable for training, education, research and sharing with clients and colleagues
  • Held 25 cm – 75 cm above the workspace by a holding arm, the VITOM® 25 provides the surgeon and support staff ample workspace
  • The VITOM® 25 exoscope utilizes the same video system as other KARL STORZ rigid telescopes, fiberscopes and videoendoscopes
  • For using the VITOM® 25 exoscope a holding device is necessary